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  • Watercress Park Motorcycle Inhibitor

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread


    London Borough of Sutton is considering installing a motorcycle barrier on the Spencer Road Entrance at Watercress Park to help prevent unlawful use by motorbikes and we are interested in hearing your views. The barriers are designed to allow pedestrians and those using mobility scooters and wheelchairs to enter but to stop motorcycles from gaining access.

    We are aware that motorbikes regularly access the site via the  Spencer Road entrance which can cause anti-social behaviour and safety issues.  As part of the Council's commitment to improving the situation for local residents we propose to install an inhibitor gate. 

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  • Stafford Road Parallel crossing and surrounding area

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 2 threads

    • Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee 
    • 2023/24 and indicative 2024/25 programmes

    7b) 2023/24 and indicative 2024/25 programmes: (A) / Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee / 20221215 ( 

    (Last item on sheet)

    Convert zebra crossing to a parallel crossing (one that allows cyclists to use it) near Mellows Park which would provide a continuous safe facility for cyclists. This would provide links to an existing contra flow cycle lane in Redford Avenue and a large residential area in Mellows Park, and a borough cycle route into Wallington district centre

    Stafford Road Parallel crossing

    • Borough Cycling
    • Medium priority
    • 23/24 Funding staff £14k project £30k
    • 24/25 Funding staff £0 project £0

    These currently being negotiated by LBS with TfL - hopefully funding confirmed mid March 2023. 

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  • Wrythe Lane / Tweeddale Road / Thornton Road - proposed changes to junction

    Created by Charles Martin // 1 thread

    • Removing the existing access into Tweeddale Road from Wrythe Lane. It is proposed to create new access from Thornton Road across the green space. This will help to reduce vehicle conflicts and provide better pedestrian routes.
    • Converting the closed section of Tweeddale Road to grassed area as shown on the plan in green hatch lines.
    • A raised table is proposed at the new entry into Tweeddale Road to provide a level crossing for pedestrians and to help with slowing down traffic speeds.

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