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  • Carshalton Village Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Plan Consu

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread

    Doing a quick scan of the document see some enoughing comments on segregated cycleway in high st, parking and a cycle networks.

    Unfortunately skip to the table at the end and it seems to be Medium to Long term objectives so real actions lacking. 

    see p53 Guideline SS4: The Northern Side of the High Street

    Any redevelopment should take the opportunity to create a
    segregated cycle path parallel to the High Street.

    7.29 Assisting a shift to more sustainable modes of transport would also be
    beneficial. Expanding the cycle network to create a segregated cycle way and
    increasing the pedestrian access and wayfinding for pedestrians to and from
    the High Street and Grove Park would also be welcome by-products, should a
    comprehensive redevelopment of the north side of the High Street take place.

    Guideline G9: Traffic and Transport
    The council will seek to improve the cycling network and pedestrian
    network throughout the Conservation Area as opportunities arise.

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  • Stanley Park Road Area - Proposed Highway Improvements

    Created by Charles Martin // 1 thread

    The Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee has agreed to consult residents in the Beeches Avenue / Stanley Park Road / Warnham Court Road area on proposals to reduce the speed of traffic and improve the environment for residents, pedestrians and cyclists. The aim of the scheme is to encourage more people to walk, cycle or use public transport and reduce the number of local car trips. Funding for this scheme is available from Transport for London.

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  • Butter Hill 20mph zone (TMO, LB of Sutton)

    Created by Charles Martin // 1 thread

    Notified of the following TMO on 28 November 2018

    The London Borough of Sutton are proposing to make Traffic Management Orders as detailed in the attached public notice reference SL1058.

    If you wish to view all the statutory documents and make any representations on the proposals please select the link below. Your representations will need to be with us by Thursday 20 December 2018.

    The principal objective of the Order The Sutton (Speed Limit) (20mph) (Butter Hill Area) (No.*) Order 201* is to improve the environment for both pedestrians and cyclists by introducing a 20mph speed limit.

    The general effect of the Order will be to introduce a 20mph zone in Arcadia Close; Burleigh Avenue; Butter Hill; Caledon Road; Curran Avenue; Devonshire Road; Elm Grove Parade; Leechcroft Road; Lyndon Avenue; Parkfields Close; St Mary Avenue; Vellum Drive; Victoria Avenue; and Westcroft Road between No. 54 and Manor Road North.

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