Frome Valley Greenway (Eastville Park)

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Added by christhebull

Alright folks, if we're going to get the whole "Freeways and Greenways" network off the ground than we need to make sure we know what the existing routes are like (as some of us know certain parts of the city better than others). Here is my take on this section of the Frome Greenway:

1) The route is fairly direct and a lot flatter than the road through Stapleton past Colston's School, it is also free of motor traffic

2) Part of the route twists and turns *right next to* a lake and is shared by dog walkers. Whilst I recognise that this is meant to be a relatively leisurely route through a park, we don't want anybody taking an unexpected swim. The path also floods after heavy rainfall.

3) The lakeside stretch is particularly hazardous at light. To cut down on energy costs, movement activated lights could be installed on an ideally re-aligned path.

4) The route loses cohesiveness near the M32 junction. Improvements to the path and to signage are needed to direct cyclists to the Stapleton Road shared use section.

5) One of the bridges is exceptionally narrow (haven't measured, but can't be more than 1 metre) and is only fit for single track use

6) At the gated access off Wickham Glen, there is a passage to the side which is filled with loose gravel which gives poor traction on cycles as well as an open drainage channel which is a trip hazard on foot and bike

Overall the route already has strong potential to form a quality part of the greenway network, but these issues should be addressed as part of the overall network creation.


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