LSTF Proposal Redcliffe Hill, Bristol

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Added by David Wilcox

To provide a fully segregated two-way cycle facility on west side of Redcliffe Hill that links Bedminster Parade/York and Commercial Road/Clarence Road with Redcliffe Bridge and the Brunel Mile.
This provides a direct route from destinations and major trip generators in the south to the City Centre and begins to deliver a North/South route. This proposal would ties in with proposed improvements on Commercial Road/Clarence Road that will link into the forthcoming Local Enterprise Zone.

Research has identified three key perceptions that deter people from taking up cycling: lack of personal safety; inconvenience; poor image. Experience from countries in northern Europe shows conclusively that in order for cycling to become a mass activity attracting all ages and abilities these perceptions have to be tackled and potential cyclists must believe they will feel safe, valued and normal. Facilities are needed that form a coherent network, separate cyclists from fast, high volume traffic and offer them a high degree of priority and convenience both on main routes and local roads. The purpose of Bristol's 'Design Cycling' work programme is to create a network and that is convenient, safe and provides speedy access all over the city. A network which a 12 year old would feel comfortable using.

Part of the 2013 Bristol City Council LSTF proposals.


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