Parkway approach to Britannia Junction too narrow

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Added by Jean Dollimore

email received (30/6/12): I thought I'd get in contact about the new Parkway junction with Camden High Street. I'm sure you have to use this route while riding through Camden at times and are therefore probably aware of the changes that have been made recently. Both motorists (in particular) and cyclists have suffered huge inconvenience over the last few months as the number of lanes have been halved at the bottom of Parkway where it meets Camden High Street. However, now it appears to be completed and I just cannot believe how poor the finished result is. Not only do the changes appear to have turned Parkway into a giant car park making it difficult and dangerous to navigate on a bike but the junction at the bottom has absolutely no room for cyclists to move at the side of the traffic and is an accident waiting to happen.

I cannot believe that such an important route has completely ignored the plight of cyclists at this time when cycling in the Capital is at an all time high. If you could shed any light on what is going on here and perhaps advise who I could write to at TFL or Camden Council about this, I would be most grateful.

(Photo to be added as soon as possible)


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